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Me Myself And My Dildo

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When the dildos are this good, there's no need for cock. Long gone are the days of dealing with boys and all their games, because these girls have got their little hands on some of the most coveted sex toys on the market. Its Me Myself And My Dildo, so get ready to see what those females do when no one's watching, because the orgasms they achieve are out of this world! Carty loves pressing her big juicy boobs against the shower door, and it usually leads to a thorough session of masturbation that leaves the twenty one year old beauty feeling great and ready to start her day. The bathroom is where all the magic takes place in Carty's life, because she's more into having an orgasm all by herself.Being blonde gets Sarah a lot of attention, but she prefers to get off all by herself when she gets horny. There isn't a guy with a cock capable of satisfying her cunt, but there's a special dildo or two in her collection that always get the job done. She sits on her little chair and plunges the different toys into her hole until finally, she cums.Stephanie always wakes up horny, but ever since she got her hands on that new blue dildo, she can finally get off before its time to start her day. Lathering up in the shower before her breakfast used to end with drying off with her fuzzy robe, but now she gets to climb into bed and get some satisfaction, shoving her toy deeper and deeper into her hungry vagina.Tara loves playing with herself, and what feels the best is her new pink dildo, so she reaches for it as soon as she wakes up in the morning, stuffing it into her dripping pussy until its wide enough for her to spread apart. Gaping is her ultimate goal, so she's practicing as often as she can in hopes of having the biggest hole on her university's campus!

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