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Amiee Cambridge In Tricked My Busty Step Mom Into Sex

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Luke Longly Amiee Cambridge Gonzo Fantasy MILF Family Roleplay Masturbation Busty Facials Lingerie Cougars POV Erotic Vignette Big Tits Blowjobs 2022
Category: Big Tits, Blowjobs, MILF, Busty, Cougars, Erotic Vignette, Facials, Family Roleplay, Fantasy, Gonzo, Lingerie, Masturbation, POV Starring: Luke Longly , Amiee Cambridge Nurse Chase We start this tale with Step Mom Amiee Cambridge on the phone with Nurse Chase. Amiee’s Stepson has been having erection issues that require immediate assistance. Luke’s Step-Father did not return the calls of Nurse Chase and all medical procedures and medications have failed to elicit a response. Nurse Chase instructed Step Mom Amiee to assist Luke in finding his proper headspace to bring back his erection. This is very awkward for Amiee but she agrees to help him to prevent a hospital visit.. Edged Luke walks into the kitchen to find Step Mom half naked with her big fat tits hanging out. She mentions Nurse Chase called about his erection issues. Amiee is willing to help since she was the only person to answer when Nurse Chase called. She discusses what is necessary to stimulate his erection and how she is more than qualified. Amiee was quite the slut in School and has all the required assets to help him out. To the couch they go and Amiee strips and teases him to see if there is any movement down stairs.. Watching Porn with My Step Mom Walking into my room, I catch Amiee watching porn on her phone. Completely forgot we were going to watch porn together. She is watching a hot milf suck some cock and getting fucked. I waste no time and put my already hard cock into her mouth while she watches the video. It was so hot, like watching and doing porn at the same time. Who knew Step Mom was so talented?She moves to her back and lets me pound away, she does not need to watch anymore porn while getting pounded. Love watching her Big Tits bounce while she takes the D! But she loves the dick better when I am rubbing her tits too..

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