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Eliza Ibarra Skye Blue Haley Reed Alina Lopez Allie Nicole Natalia Nix Avery Cristy Nicole Doshi Slayed Lesbian Naturally Busty Rimming - F On F Sex Toy Play 4K Ultra HD Rimming Erotic Vignette Short Hair Popular With Women Short Hair & Pixie 2022 Sex Toy Play - F On F
Alina’s new roommate, Skye, is new in town and still trying to fit in. After a night out together, Alina decides to give her a warm welcome. Nicole was only after a hot soak and some privacy, but you can’t always get what you want, and Allie’s not prepared to give it to her. Allie isn’t done with Nicole and she won’t be letting her stunning companion relax until they’re both worn out from an intimate encounter. Haley usually sits in her room and does her homework like a good girl, so why is she dressed up to party tonight? Could it be that this shy, studious introvert is meeting a guy.? Or is it that she has a crush on her adventurous friend, Avery? New ager Eliza is open to offbeat ideas, so she is consulting her new friend Natalia to help her cleanse the bad energy. Natalia knows a way Eliza can purge the attitudes holding her back and free her spirit, but it will take a radical romp with a guide who knows how to push past taboos. Category: Lesbian, Erotic Vignette, Naturally Busty, Popular with Women, Rimming, Rimming, Sex Toy Play, Short Hair Starring: Eliza Ibarra, Haley Reed, Alina Lopez, Nicole Doshi, Skye Blue, Allie Nicole, Avery Cristy, Natalia Nix Language: English has a brand new series for those who like it LAVISH. This series introduces you to decadent ladies who indulge their every hedonist desire, no matter how outrageous. Featured cover girls Alina Lopez and Skye Blue hit the roommate jackpot, but their mutual attraction is already causing sexual tension. Skye isnt used to big city girls, so how will she feel when Alina shows her what they do for fun? Allie Nicole and Nicole Doshi, Haley Reed and Avery Cristy, and Natalia Nix and Eliza Ibarra are all enjoying lifes finest luxuries: each other. Stunning sets, entrancing stories, and exquisite beauties: let treat you to a LAVISH experience.. Scene 1 37 min Starring: Skye Blue Alina Lopez. Scene 2 35 min Starring: Allie Nicole Nicole Doshi. Scene 3 36 min Starring: Haley Reed Avery Cristy. Scene 4 40 min Starring: Eliza Ibarra Natalia Nix

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