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Sexy Family Affairs

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Daya Knight Lacy Lennon Ryan Keely Lauren Phillips Aaliyah Love Christie Stevens Ebony Goddess Jessie Saint Charlotte Sins Maya Woulfe Ebony Goddess Mystique Girlsway MILF Interracial Lesbian Squirting Family Roleplay Group Sex Orgy Foursome Lesbian Finger Fucking Lesbian Cunnilingus 69 Foursome - MMFF Face Sitting Female With Female Masturbation Cougars Erotic Vignette Big Tits Blondes Redheads Tribbing Black Women 2022
Aaliyah Love and Lauren Phillips, two frenemies, are hanging out. As they bicker and verbally spar, their love lives come up and things get heated. They're both so determined to prove that they still got the moves that they decide to do a little competition. They both have beautiful stepdaughters, so they're going to see who can seduce the other's stepdaughter first! Two friends, Jessie Saint and Daya Knight, are chatting about their lesbian stepmoms, Christie Stevens and Ebony Goddess Mystique (who are also friends). Christie and Ebony have always been disappointed that their stepdaughters turned out straight, and Jessie and Daya are sick of the pressure. Since they'll all be having dinner together later, Jessie suggests to Daya that they can pretend that they've started dating each other, so their stepmoms will finally back off. However, Daya says that afterwards they should take things even further by getting flirty with their own stepmoms, to teach them a lesson. Jessie is taken aback at first, but after thinking it over she agrees that it would be funny for the stepmoms to realize that pressuring their stepdaughters to be lesbians has blown up in their faces, and that would make them finally back off for sure. Ryan Keely, a businesswoman, arrives home and is greeted by her stepdaughter, Maya Woulfe. Maya is glad that Ryan is home, though notices that Ryan seems worried. Ryan reveals that she's been offered a promotion at work. Maya is excited for her, but Ryan admits that she's not sure she'll take the promotion because it involves a lot of travel, so it'd mean spending less time with Maya. Clip 1 - 27 mins 45 secs starring Aaliyah Love, | Charlotte Sins, | Lacy Lennon, | Lauren Phillips, featuring Squirting, Foursome Lesbian, Finger Fucking, Lesbian Cunnilingus, Clip 2 - 39 mins 7 secs starring Christie Stevens, | Daya Knight, | Ebony Goddess Mystique, | Jessie Saint, featuring Foursome - MMFF, Finger Fucking, Female with Female Masturbation, 69, Clip 3 - 30 mins 35 secs starring Maya Woulfe, | Ryan Keely, featuring Female with Female Masturbation, Finger Fucking, Face Sitting, 69,

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