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Interracial Surrender 18

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Category: BBC, Blowjobs, Erotic Vignette, Interracial, Shaved, Starring: Kendra Spade, Sloan Harper, Chanel Grey, Alex More Alex More has a thing for her brawny neighbor but when he discovers that she’s snuck into his house, he’s had enough of her antics. He throws her over his shoulder, carries her into the livingroom and proceeds to fuck her face. She needed to learn about respect, and the only way that was gonna happen was by getting fucked by his big black dick! Little Alex More loves bothering her neighbor Mr. Turner! He’s so big and brawny that she can’t get enough. Today she decided to really annoy him. She snuck into his house while he was gardening and waited. When he returned to cool off, she popped out hoping he would be surprised! But he was actually not too happy about it at all. He picked Alex’s light body up, threw her over his shoulder, and brought her into the living room where he proceeded to fuck her face. She needed to learn about respect, and the only way that was gonna happen was by getting fucked by his humongous black dick. Mr. Turner certainly rocked her good, and with the last of his cum Alex finally did something she has never done before. Listen and respect her neighbor! Sloan Harper was setting up an amazing night for her boyfriend on their anniversary. She got champagne, candles, and Oh no! She forgot the rose petals. Just as she began to freak out her good friend Jax showed up at the door with some. Boy was he great. Sloan finished setting up and settled into her sexy lingerie waiting for hey boyfriend to arrive home. She then got a call from him saying he got caught up with some friends and would be home late. What a dick! She then had an idea. Jax never seems to be too busy for her. Maybe he would want to be her boyfriend for the night. She was amazed by how large his black cock was, and used every muscle her throat had to offer while gagging on it. Her tight white pussy then got drilled to the point it was throbbing. She then got her face cummed all over on her boyfriend's favorite spot on the couch. Happy anniversary motherfucker! Chanel Grey and her man are getting a hankering to smoke some good green and purple ganja, but when they check the stash spot, they see they are all out of nug. Chanel is no slouch in the streets, and she has a solution. She is going to go hit up the plug herself. She shows up at the dealers house and is immediately enraptured by his tall and dark figure. He shows her inside to his bedroom, and instead of inspecting nugs, she ends up getting a closer look at his nuts. He offers her a head up by kissing her all the way down to her cooter, and then turns her over to put his big black bong in from behind. Then she smokes his pole and takes a big drag of black dick goo. But when she gets back to her man, he notices there is cum all over her dress. Do not forget the details next time, Chanel! Kendra Spade is one of the lead writers for black cocks quarterly, a magazine for white women detailing news about anything and everything BBC related. Her article this week was titled how to lose a guy in 10 days. It was basically her true life accounts about how she did everything in her power to get rid of her newest ebony man friend. Little did Kendra know that this guy knew exactly who she was and what she was up to. Once his motive was revealed so was his girthy black dick. Kendra was then railed like a good little white girl until they were both ready to climax. If this black stud were the one writing the article about his experience, we would like to think he would have titled it how to bust a nut in 10 minutes. Clip 1 - 23 mins 48 secs starring Alex More, | Nat Turnher, featuring Cum in Open Mouth, Male with Female Masturbation, Blowjob, Gagging, POV, Clip 2 - 38 mins 56 secs starring Sloan Harper, | Jax Slayher, featuring Cum on Face - Facial, Male with Female Masturbation, Ball Sucking, Clip 3 - 43 mins 13 secs starring Chanel Grey, | Jon Jon, featuring Cum in Open Mouth, Male with Female Masturbation, Face Fuck, Blowjob, Clip 4 - 29 mins 3 secs starring Kendra Spade, | Jax Slayher, featuring Cum in Open Mouth, Male with Female Masturbation, Blowjob, Gagging, 69,

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