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Lubed Up Lovers

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Conny Carter and Denson C are different than most couplings you see on screen. They are boyfriend and girlfriend and they give us a glimpse into the privacy of their own bedroom. It's not often you see a sincere connection while watching an adult movie, but this is exactly what you're privy to in this film. It's a beautiful connection of desire, passion and love in, Tantra Imaginations. A broad spectrum of pleasures — tactile, physical, emotional, visual, and above all, sexual — are on display in Andrej Lupin's "Lubricous." The title, as it is used here, means "intended to arouse sexual desire" and, secondarily, "smooth and slippery with oil or a similar substance." And it is oil, quite literally, that brings the film's stars — Katy Rose and Lutro — together and fuels and facilitates (not to forget lubricates) the erotic action of "Lubricous." Rose, totally nude, lounges on a bed. A stream of massage oil splashes on her body. Lutro glides his fingers and hands across her creamy skin, spreading the oil until Rose glistens and glows. His touch is light, his movements graceful, suggesting that the giver of pleasure is enjoying the feelings of contact as much as his partner. Rose then takes over, massaging her masseur and paying particular attention to his straining erection. As their bodies gleam in the soft light there's a sparkle of playful delight in the lovers' eyes — this feels so incredibly good we're going to savor every second. And so they do. Straddling Lutro, Katy rubs her pussy up and down the oiled length of his tool — the playful look on her face suggests that she could achieve orgasm this way, but she chooses not to. Instead she takes him inside and, remaining on top and in control, she rides, relishing each rise and fall, every slick pump and thrust. When she's ready for her finale, Rose rolls onto her back, with Lutro still inside, and he rocks her to climax and then he completes the scene with a splashy finish of his own. Sensuous and slick, "Lubricous" has a very happy ending. Erika Black is bored. It’s a dreary day and there are few paying customers at the amusement park shooting gallery — "Strelnice" in Czech — where she works. But when an charming marksman, Matt Ice, pays his money and takes his chance her spirits lift. After hitting his targets he hits on Erika, and after a brief chat, some flirting, and a kiss, he takes home his exceptionally beautiful prize. While there’s a powerful undercurrent of passion and mutual attraction throughout the scene, these gifted performers also inject a playful, impulsive spontaneity that gives the unplanned hook-up a lively and engagingly realistic unpredictability. Erika starts out atop Matt, but once she’s taken off her bra and thrown aside her blouse she winds up on her back and he quickly removes her tight pants and begins to hungrily eat her pussy. Black begins moaning and writhing with pleasure almost instantly, and when Ice pauses to kiss her on her mouth she races to unbuckle his belt so she can get her hands on his cock. Penetration and strong, steady pumping immediately follows, with brief interruptions so that Matt can completely remove his pants and also eat more of Erika’s succulent cunt. Black then sits on Matt’s face, and slides down to take his cock in her pussy once more, laughing and smiling with delight as she rides. When she’s ready for a change, Erika hops off, braces herself against the headboard, and Matt fucks her until she’s gasping and moaning out with pleasure. Matt then flips Erika onto her back, hoists her ass off the mattress and proceeds to pound her pussy until she squirts. Matt quickly resumes his powerful pumping until Erika grabs his straining cock and strokes it frantically until he erupts with torso-splattering jets of molten cum. Although it ends on a sly and subtle note, "Strelnice" scores a bullseye with its explosive erotic action and impassioned performances. Tyler Nixon spreads oil over Nekane’s sensational curves, the dark surroundings placing the focus squarely on her beautiful physique. "Ecstasy" is an apt title, as the Spanish sweetheart arches up against Tyler’s hands, chasing the stimulating sensations. As Tyler shifts forward to kiss his paramour’s glistening body, it becomes evident he’s hard already and seeking the intimacy of skin on skin. He massages down her spine to her bubble butt, and slides into her, deliciously slowly. They move in unison, oil-slick bodies humping together, Tyler’s thrusts increasing in pace to the accompaniment of Nekane’s moans. She straddles him, her ample breasts bouncing as she rides his cock to a crescendo of pleasure, then flips into missionary, Tyler’s slippery fingers stroking her clit as he penetrates her over and over. Nekane comes again, and then jerks Tyler’s shiny shaft until he anoints her breasts with his load, their passionate massage session ending in sweet mutual "Ecstasy." Gorgeous blonde Katy Sky is unflinching as her lover Michael Fly dribbles warm massage oil onto her naked flesh, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie "Flame" begins. She sighs as he rubs it into her shoulders, down her back, and into her ass cheeks, before rolling her over and repeating the process on her beautiful big breasts, squeezing and caressing them with his slippery hands. Katy’s expression is blissful as Michael’s fingertips rotate around her erect nipples. Aching to have him play with her pussy, she rolls her white panties down to her knees, and he strokes her shaved slit. As her body undulates under Michael’s stimulating touch, she jerks his stiff cock. He moves between her thighs, easing his greasy pole into her tight pussy, and she bucks up and down on it, strumming her clit and moaning with arousal. Flipping over so Katy is on top, she impales her sopping wet pussy balls deep on his cock. She suddenly shifts gear from a slow grind to a frantic slam-fuck, bouncing on her man until she cums so hard that her ass cheeks quiver. She dismounts and sucks Michael’s thick shaft, kissing the throbbing tip and feeding it deep into her mouth, looking up at him adoringly. Climbing aboard again in reverse cowgirl, she rides to a second, even more intense orgasm, then sucks and jerks him until he splatters her lovely breasts with his hot load. Clip 1 - 22 mins 29 secs starring Connie Carter, | Denson, featuring Creampie / Internal, Male with Female Masturbation, Cunnilingus, Clip 2 - 20 mins 46 secs starring Katy Rose, | Lutro, featuring Cum on Vagina / Pubic area, Male with Female Masturbation, Blowjob, Clip 3 - 23 mins 33 secs starring Erika Blacks, | Matt Ice, featuring Cum on Vagina / Pubic area, Handjob, Male with Female Masturbation, Clip 4 - 21 mins 56 secs starring Nekane, | Tyler Nixon, featuring Cum on Tits, Handjob, Male with Female Masturbation, Blowjob, Massage, Clip 5 - 18 mins 42 secs starring Katy Sky , | Michael Fly, featuring Cum on Tits, Handjob, Male with Female Masturbation, Blowjob, Kissing,

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