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When brunette teen Mila Fox argues with another girl about makeup, long time porn pro Erik Everhard takes advantage of an opportunity to fuck the dark-haired cutie. He pops Mila’s small, natural tits in his mouth. Erik buries his face between her legs to eat her tight twat. The pretty girl plunges his big cock in her mouth for a deepthroat blowjob. She achieves lift-off — Erik picks little Mila up off the floor and bounce-fucks her cunt standing up. She sits on his schlong, taking it up her butt as he feverishly spanks her clit. Mila’s anal ramming leads to a display of her fucked, gaping asshole in multiple positions. “Gimme your sperm,” the sexy teenager devilishly demands. Erik withdraws his meat from her snatch and spews a cum facial, leaving creamy semen across her mouth and chin. Skinny blonde teen Tiffany Tatum seeks a “special massage” from a gentleman masseur named Mister Big Fat Dick. The lithe beauty strips to her birthday suit as the buff stud leers with lust. Tiffany lies on her back as the brawny, bald muscleman sensuously massages her nude frame. Tempting Tiffany sucks his hard cock in an enthusiastic blowjob. Mister Big Fat Dick licks her snatch then stuffs his boner inside for a slamming fuck. Tiffany masturbates while the stud sucks on her toes with foot fetish gusto. He jams his tongue in her asshole and gives a rim job. Mr. Big Fat Dick fucks her hairy pussy from behind and then orally feasts on her sphincter. He pounds her poon in multiple positions. Finally reaching ecstasy, Mr. Big Fat Dick unloads his jizz, soaking her cheeks with a cum facial. Tiffany plays with the mess, rubbing it on her skin and tasting the semen from her slender fingers. In a poolside dance class, sexy instructor Arina Rite and teen redhead Gisha Forza display their gorgeous forms in summer attire. But the class comes to a halt when petulant, porcelain-skinned Gisha refuses to learn her steps. 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The lustful lovers make out as Mr. Big Fat Dick removes her panties and works his tongue in her tight cunt. Amaris inhales and slurps his cock in a skillful blowjob. She rides Mr. Big Fat Dick’s thick prick as he slaps her shaved snatch. He dives into her ass crack and eats her twat from behind. Mr. Big Fat Dick jams his javelin back into her clenched slit, pounding her gash hard in several positions as she masturbates her clit. “I want your cum,” the gorgeous girl demands. The bald, bearded muscleman ably fulfills the request, dousing Amaris with a spunky cum facial. She plays with the mess, licking foamy semen from her fingers with steamy decadence. Rocking a polka-dot dress, bespectacled teen Darcia Lee checks her phone. She sadly confesses that she hasn’t tried anal sex yet and feels left out. Darcia pulls down her dress, exposing big boobs. She works a huge glass dildo between her ass cheeks as her boyfriend, Oliver Trunk, arrives. 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Clip 1 - 31 mins 36 secs starring Mila Fox, | Erik Everhard, featuring Anal Male with Female Anal Sex, Cum in Open Mouth, Gagging, Face Fuck, Clip 2 - 31 mins 53 secs starring Tiffany Tatum, | Mr. Big Fat Dick, featuring Cum in Open Mouth, Male with Female Masturbation, Blowjob, Face Fuck, Clip 3 - 29 mins 31 secs starring Arina Rite, | Gisha Forza, | Erik Everhard, featuring Anal Male with Female Anal Sex, Cum in Open Mouth, Cum Swallowing, Clip 4 - 30 mins 46 secs starring Amaris, | Mr. Big Fat Dick, featuring Cum in Open Mouth, Male with Female Masturbation, Blowjob, Kissing, Clip 5 - 29 mins 38 secs starring Darcia Lee, | Oliver Trunk, featuring Anal Play, Anal Male with Female Anal Sex, Cum Play, Deep Throating,

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