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TUSHY.com is taking you down the path less taken and showing you the VIEWS. This series puts you in touch with women who have fresh perspectives on anal sex. Featured cover girls Stefany Kyler & Avery Cristy want to have a foursome, but they need to convince their boyfriends to go along with it. Will mind-blowing sex help set the mood? Scarlett Jones, Mary Rock, and Evelina Darling round out our round-bottomed lineup. Startling stories, stunning settings, and show-stopping anal action: let TUSHY.com show you some breathtaking VIEWS. . Perfect Pair Avery & Stefany Swap BFs For Anal Fun 32 min Starring: Alberto Blanco Christian Clay Avery Cristy Stefany Kyler. Bodacious Redhead Scarlett Is Addicted To Wild Anal 37 min Starring: Scarlett Jones Matthew Meier. Flawless Beauty Mary Is Obsessed With Intense Anal 39 min Starring: Christian Clay Mary Rock. Anal Crazy Brunette Seduces Her Husband's Friend 40 min Starring: Evelina Darling Oliver Trunk

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