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Why Should You Have All The Fun

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Paul (Dante Colle) is staying with his best friend Dave when Dave (Codey Steele) blurts out that he had sex with his stepmom Sharon (Sheena Ryder)! Paul seems overwhelmed by what Dave is telling him, but also a little jealous. Paul hasn’t done much to hide his attraction to Sharon since she’s family. As they talk more about the sex, Paul’s eyes light up opportunistically as he has an idea. He suggests that next time it really happens, maybe he could join in too… After all, two are better than one! Clara (Dee Williams) and Beth (Katie Morgan) are sitting across from each other at a table. Beth notes with concern that Spencer will be late again, and hopes they don’t have to wait so long this time. Spencer (Dick Chibbles) finally arrives. It quickly becomes apparent that he is married to both Clara and Beth. To her horror, he says the reason he’s late is because he’s dating another woman and wants to make her his third wife. As a result of Spencer’s neglect, Beth and Clara have found solace in each other, but they can’t keep their affair a secret from Spencer forever. What will he do when he finds out? Category: Anal, Cougars, Lesbian, Double Penetration, Erotic Vignette, Family Roleplay, MILF, Popular with Women, Threesomes, Wives, Starring: Dee Williams, Katie Morgan, Sheena Ryder, Codey Steele, Dante Colle, Dick Chibbles Language: English . Scene 1 49 min Starring: Sheena Ryder Codey Steele Dante Colle. Scene 2 1 h 3 min Starring: Katie Morgan Dick Chibbles Dee Williams

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